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Posts published in April 2022

Tracked Crypto Donations To Ukraine Surge To $108M As Kraken, Bored Ape Joins In

Since the Russo Ukrainian war, blockchain enthusiasts have been generously donating to the citizens. On Wednesday, the total crypto donation in the Ukrainian government wallet soared up to $108 million. BTC and ETH were the top two wallet addresses of the Ukrainian government.

Cryptocurrency is one such space that can be readily used for humanitarian efforts. Helping the needy people of Ukraine is one of the world’s top priorities right now, considering both countries are at war. 

On the same day, Kraken announced their distribution of $10 million to their clients who created an account from Ukrainian banks before March 9 for relief efforts.

Regardless of the account balance, Kraken will share about $1,000 BTC to each account which can be immediately withdrawn whenever required. The exchange fee was also waived as the withdrawals were up to $1,000.

On Wednesday, Bored Ape Yacht Club or BAYC joined the same venture and fundraised about $1 million ETH for Ukrainian people. The developers of BAYC mentioned that they would also add a $1 million ETH donation along with the funds raised.

Some other notable contributions made for the Ukraine citizens includes the Binance’s Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund, $11.3 million in BTC, BNB, and Binance USD.

In addition to it, Kuna’s Crypto Fund of Ukraine also raised over $14 million in some of the major altcoins such as DOT, USDT, CNDL, USDC and DAI.

There have been multiple major contributions for the Ukrainian government, and the citizens post this war counted up to several millions of funds by now.