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Brazil Plans To Track Covid-19 Vaccinations Using Blockchain Technology

COVID-19 has put a stop in the whole economic process, globally. But recently something new surfaced in the webinar held by the “Ministry of Justice” and Public Security. The webinar can be summarised with a significant proposal that blockchain technology can be used to reduce corruption and also can be very useful in tracking COVID vaccines. Brazil has thought about using a system called the “National Health Data Network”, which can be used to track vaccines for the time being. The webinar was held on Youtube, and that identified some most valuable uses of blockchain technology and the world witnessed it. 

Like many other nations, Brazil is also waiting for the vaccines to hit the market so that their citizens can be vaccinated at the earliest and the economy can again accelerate like before and even in better condition. So, to find out the progress about the vaccines for COVID-19 Brazil has proposed the use of a blockchain system in tracking it. Previously Brazil government thought to use the vaccinations of the diseased first but die to the global surge in the number of COVID patients. Brazil has set its vaccinations limit toll 2021. They want to vaccinate their total population by end of 2021, and that is where their new proposal of using a blockchain system to track COVID vaccines will have much higher chances of getting into the limelight.

Plans by Brazil

Brazil is planning to use RNDS or “National Health Data Network” in blockchain form that will be constructed using the “Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain framework”. This particular system has a benefit. The system will keep the tab of every vaccinated citizen in their datasheet for better accountability of the shots provided by Brazil government. This announcement was made by Elmo Raposo Oliveria, the coordinator of the systems in the Ministry of health. As Oliveria states, this system will help them be updated about the ones who took the shot and who have not yet taken the shot. The system will provide transparency and a greater grip on the data so that none is misplaced.

The only motto of this system is to make a very well informed exchange of data between the health care facilities and the government officials. This will allow the continued private and public sectors of care and cure to perform their activities. Firstly, it was thought and speculated that the vaccines would hit the market in September 2020, but due to various processes and checking and rechecking of vaccines it is supposed to reach markets by end of 2020, and Brazil hopes to provide shots to all by 2021.

Currently, Brazil has already embraced a COVID shot that came into being due to collaborations between Oxford and British pharmaceutical companies that is commonly known as the “Oxford Vaccine”. Although the citizens of Brazil are privileged to get the COVID shots, for mass use they are eyeing on China-made coronavirus vaccine, CoronaVac by China, which will be way cheaper and accessible, globally. Brazil is highlighted in the global news due to this particular decision.