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Crypto Not As Inconsistent As It Seems

According to Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capital firm owner, there is continuous growth and demand for cryptocurrency. There are social media, developers, and startups that are using the crypto cycle. It is giving favorable results for the investors. A report released by the US-based company analyzed the crypto of the last few years, i.e., 2012, 2013, and 2017 and saw a steep rise since 2010. Many projects are using cryptocurrencies such as payments, infrastructure, games, and finance, and web applications.

Though the cycle of cryptocurrency is found to be messy, there is a massive growth of cryptocurrency in startups. Many innovations are happening based on the cryptocurrency. Many entrepreneurs and technologists are evincing interest in using the cryptocurrencies. Everyone is enthusiastic about using this type of digital currency.

Coinmarketcap disclosed that cryptocurrency users increase in different countries such as India, Canada, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Columbia. There is an increase in female users who are using this type of currency in Greece and Romania.

Entrepreneurs are not ignoring cryptocurrency and blockchain. There is no sign of the cryptocurrency slowing down.

The blockchain-based information and tokens are giving many opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is helping to come up with innovative solutions that are highly secure, transparent, and fast.

Here is how crypto is bringing a change in the entrepreneur world:

Give access to entrepreneurship education.

People of all ages and from different walks of life would show interest in becoming an entrepreneur. Not many would have enough money to pursue their management degree from the top colleges, which would have a whopping fee. Moreover, the regular job would not let people pursue their entrepreneurial dreams as they could not enroll in the management degree.

Despite going for formal education, many entrepreneurs are not showing interest in the new way of getting educated and looking out for affordable educational options that allow them to hone their business skills. Blockchain tokens are being used to access the video content, digital courses, and provide coaching to the budding entrepreneurs. It covers various topics. The immutable ledger and smart contracts offer ample educational opportunities for people to have cost-effective education. All the entrepreneurs would need is to have access to the educational content.

Unlock the potential of crowd opportunities

The impact of crypto and blockchain is that it is allowing entrepreneurs to carry out crowdfunding campaigns. The blockchain startups would use USD 5.6 billion of funds for community campaigns. The fundraising model using the blockchain has found to be grabbing a lot of investment.

Give new opportunities

There are many ways that an entrepreneur would look to diversify their investment. The coin-based transactions are giving new hopes for them. Many industries widely use blockchain. The token-based opportunities would help the entrepreneurs to buy assets by abiding by the laws and regulations.

Develop a loyalty platform

Businesses need to gain customer loyalty. It strengthens the relationship between customers and businesses. Many customer loyalty issues would arise, which causes headache and increase bookkeeping issues. The blockchain would reduce the entrepreneurs’ stress by helping them come up with the stress-free customer loyalty programs, reward customers, and strengthen their relationships.

Rise of the cryptocurrency market

A decade ago, cryptocurrency was just studied in books, but now the majority of the population is aware of it. It changed with the creation of bitcoin. Though, many are not aware of how the cryptocurrency market functions, but they are aware of the cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency is gaining huge popularity in the government sector and businesses.

  • Governments and big corporations keep a close watch on the cryptocurrency market to find out how they can embrace the cryptocurrency mechanism and use blockchain technology.
  • Many companies are using blockchain to check the feasibility of integrating technology into business.
  • Internet would connect people and let them exchange data, and today blockchain is considered the second internet.

Future of cryptocurrencies

There is nothing that can help you anticipate the future of cryptocurrencies; however, if bitcoin is going to be successful, cryptocurrencies would have a bright future.

The price of a bitcoin was just USD 280 in 2015, and it rose to USD 1000 in 2017. There is a steep rise in the demand for cryptocurrency. The bitcoin price has increased to USD 17,000. There is another cryptocurrency known as Ether that has grown at a rapid pace.

Initial coin offerings (ICO) would be playing a critical role in the cryptocurrency market. It makes use of the coins or the tokens to buy a share in the company. These are given to the investors who are involved in the initial public offering (IPO) transaction. You can link ICO to the crowdfunding and use this as a way to earn funds by the startup companies. Many assumed that this type of currency would go into oblivion. However, the market is consistent though it seems to be inconsistent.


The crypto world is not as inconsistent as it seems. There is a steep growth in the industry since its inception. Many innovations are happening around the cryptocurrency.