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Former Facebook Counsel Joins Coinbase as Chief Legal Officer

Last updated on August 2, 2020

The big news comes knocking on the doors of the Crypto-currency world as Paul Grewal joins as Head of legal operations of crypto-exchange Company of Coinbase. A decorated former magistrate judge based in California, US, Grewal has joined the legal team of Coinbase. Along with that, the talented Mr. Grewal has also worked as a counselor in the role of a senior level and has been involved in several high-profile cases. The news comes at a time when crypto-exchange is gathering tremendous momentum across the globe.


 The highly-regarded news was announced on July 8, as was showcased in the Coinbase online blog. The company had high praise for Grewal as it announced its collaboration. The company said the recruitment of the former judge would foster growth and awareness of the next level of crypto-adoption across the world. The continued success on Grewal’s part is well-deserved, as is evident throughout his illustrious career.

Role and Responsibilities

Grewal has been welcomed and requisitioned by the legal team of Coinbase as the Head of their team. The post of Chief Legal Officer has made the former judge a valuable part of the Coinbase team and its future projects. Grewal will play an important role as Coinbase plans to collaborate with financial service regulators as well as in the development of new crypto-based applications like bitcoin era for the users. In his five year career as a judge, Grewal has overseen hundreds of cases based on the tech giant industry, which will serve as valuable experience needed for the progress of the crypto-exchange company. Grewal looks forward to being the voice of counsel for a company that is fast approaching to join the bigwigs club.

Coinbase has also outlined how Grewal had been a pivotal player in the high profile cases of Apple vs. Samsung and Google vs. Oracle. Such a commendable past experience has featured heavily in the decision-making process of the Coinbase legal team. The judge’s career has spanned across such important cases considering tech-giants that has only added to the feathers in his hat. The capable hands of Grewal are a welcome sight for the legal steering wheel of the Coinbase Company.

Stepping into big shoes

Paul Grewal has big shoes to fill in his new Chief Legal Officer post. Coinbase’s former legal guru, a much sought-after corporate lawyer himself, left the company after a two-year period, who is now heading the US office related to crypto-currency, which itself is a bureau under the finance sector. The decision to welcome Grewal comes after two months of Brian P. Brooks’ departure. Both have been immensely successful in their respective ventures in their corporate legal career. Brooks has widened the vision of the crypto-exchange company. Grewal now has big shoes to fill and further lead the company onto greener pastures and brighter light.

Underlying Reason

The decision may not seem to be totally unprecedented and seems to have been fueled due to a deeper reason. The decision comes after recent legal trouble that had rocked the humble company. Coinbase’s “data miner” had found itself in turbulent waters as it faced a lawsuit following the departure of Brian P. Brooks. The company had come under scrutiny for violating data security and crypto protections. They had been alleged to be illegally gathering and making money out of the monetary exchanges of their users. The decision to hire Paul Grewal thus comes at trying times for Coinbase. It is now to be seen how this decision affects the future of this crypto-exchange company. If we are going by past precedence, the decision will probably be prosperity for the company.