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Paying For Taco Bell With Dogecoin May Soon Be A Reality

The Verifone terminals you get to see at most outlets may soon accept Dogecoin payments. This has surprised many people in the market, and it is a clear indicator of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in the country. The payment processor BitPay has now partnered with Verifone to accept crypto payments at the terminals. This is an interesting development in the crypto market as it can improve the transactions in various outlets across the country.

Verifone terminals to accept various tokens

The Verifone terminals in the country will begin to accept crypto payments for different US merchants, according to a statement released by the company. However, the company has not disclosed the terms of the agreement, and industry analysts are eagerly watching this development. It would be interesting to note that the price fluctuation of crypto assets may be a matter of concern when it comes to using them in the markets like regular currencies.

Are merchants scared of price volatility?

In recent months, many crypto assets have seen tremendous fluctuations in price. This is a matter of concern for some merchants as the assets can decrease in value within a short duration of time. When they accept payment from a customer, the value may be high, and it may fall when they want to encash the assets.

However, BitPay is already processing several thousand transactions every day using cryptocurrencies. The entire industry can work together to resolve the price volatility issues so that it will help merchants to get the right value for the transactions. Market experts feel that when the settlement is done quickly without any delay, it will be useful as there is less risk of price volatility for the merchants accepting crypto assets. It would be interesting to see how the transactions improve in this regard in the next few months.