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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cryptocurrencies?

The use of digital currencies is an entirely new thing, but it is getting popular, especially cryptocurrencies. It is a digital currency developed to function as an exchange agency.

It utilizes cryptography to protect and verify transactions and to run the development of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Sometimes it does not matter how advantageous things are. Everything has it’s good and bad. That’s what you’ll know here about cryptocurrencies.

Major Pros of Cryptocurrencies


This is one of the biggest benefits you get using cryptocurrencies. You are able to transport a huge amount of cryptocurrencies at one go very much, unlike real money. You can carry billions of bitcoins with you in a memory drive.


You get an open ledger with bitcoin known as a blockchain. On a blockchain, each and every transaction is recorded and tracked. As a result, once a transaction is accomplished and recorded on the ledger, it cannot be altered. Thus, this is the most secure transaction.

Under your Control

Every user is under the control of his or her transactions. This is helpful enough to keep the amount safe. The transaction done does not depend on the identities of the parties making it. Thus, it is an excellent approach in favor of the users that guard them against identity theft.

No Inflation

The Government keeps on printing more money, and the economy keeps on shifting prices. This is why all traditional currencies experience inflation. But, it is not the case for bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Why? Because there is a limited count of minable bitcoins.

Population growth would come to rest when there would be 10 billion people by 2050, based on research. The last bitcoins will be extracted around this period, and the market would get no more.

Cons of Cryptocurrencies

Uplifted Explosiveness

Cryptocurrency ICOs are way more explosive or volatile when compared to investing in the stock market or real estate. A small hack can cause a considerable loss of the investors. Such drastic incidents are rare in the case of cryptocurrency, but things should be carried forward very carefully.

Possible Network Stall

Building up a sturdy product that a particular network of users would desire to use is what the actual worth of any cryptocurrency relies on.

But, by any chance, the network crashes to attract users or not get enough users to use the platform, the currency would be facing a snooze in price. A lot of the current ICOs that failed to perform after launching did so for a deficiency of management of the network.

Scarcity of Resources

If cryptocurrency ICOs do not elevate enough money, just as startups can lose resources and cannot carry out operations. Many cryptocurrencies are doing pre-ICO elevation to get strong commitments of resources and illustrated demand for the currency.

Plausible mismanagement

New investment pathways come up every day, and this is why it isn’t easy to keep up with what options you have for wealth management. Good portfolios are prone to include some riskier assets like venture capital, while portfolios should be balanced.


So, that was all you needed to know about the goods and bads if you are making any transaction or exchange with cryptocurrencies. Now, knowing the cons you might question would the pros manage to cover the negatives. Well, it depends on how you intend to move.

Buying bitcoins for trading at a later time has been proven to be the right decision. One thing is for sure; cryptocurrencies are looking up unlike saving real money that would be wiped out in time due to inflation, at least in the foreseen upcoming times.